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Obreno is an interactive visual novel from Out Of Time Interactive. What currently exists is a prologue (which is mostly non-interactive) then first chapter, out of five chapters. Other than that I think this version is close to finished (though there may still be some changes), and will hopefully also release on Mac, Steam and iPad soon.


In the distant future, a search for your missing brother leads you on a journey through an intergalactic civilization that might have reached the limits of progress. Following clues that point to groups who want to return to living like early humans, the imminent end of money, a seemingly mythical planet, and the galaxy's only android, your path takes you onward, towards the edge of the inhabited galaxy.


Although a plan exists for the remaining chapters, I'm currently not planning on completing them, and instead intend to move on to less ambitious projects in a similar format. But if a lot of people seem to be reaching the end of chapter one (I think it'll take 1-2 hours), maybe I'll decide to finish it.


Out of Time Interactive is just me, Alex Franks. I've been working on interactive/multimedia fiction projects for several years, but this is the first one to be completed (to the extent that it is complete).


If you find any bugs, it would be useful if you could let me know at contact@outoftimeinteractive.com

I think the best way to hear about any updates on this or other projects will be to follow my Facebook page, here. But I don't really know yet. 



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